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When God interrupts

Most people would agree that the practice of interrupting another whilst they are speaking is unacceptable and lacks good and proper manners.  Whilst that may be true, it occurred to me this week that God has a different view of things.

For example, when Peter, James and John witnessed Jesus transformation on the mount of transfiguration in Matthew chapter 17, Peter had some bright idea or other about tents and started telling Jesus about it. Just at that time a cloud appeared and a voice came from the cloud – whilst Peter was still speaking!

God clearly had something important to say that wasn’t going to wait for Peter to finish his thought about tents!


When we pray, God sometimes takes a long time to answer (from our perspective), but sometimes I find that God will answer a prayer before I’ve even finished praying.  This is very often in the area of trying to find things that I’ve misplaced.

An example of this was just two days ago. I had lost a pair of scissors and had looked in all the places I would expect them to be, without success. Having exhausted my search, I was going to pray out loud “Where are my scissors?” but no sooner had I said the first word than God showed me where I’d left them and I never finished the sentence.

He didn’t show me until I asked Him and not before – but that’s another blog for another day.

Another example was when I was sixteen, I was unwell and was suffering from a headache so bad that I couldn’t focus or do much of anything. Eventually I prayed for God to heal me and before I’d finished the prayer, the pain was gone.

I asked God about this – why he answers before we’re finished asking – and yesterday I saw a passage which explained that this is how God does it sometimes.

And it shall be that before they call I will answer; and while they are yet speaking I will hear.

Isaiah 65:24

He knows what we need before we have the need. He already has it covered before it has happened and is not surprised by anything we bring before Him.

He is ready to answer, even before we ask

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